"New Client" Money Back Guarantee
(first listing for new clients only)

Your listing is FREE, if we do not generate leads (actual email inquiries, not just views/hits to your listing page).

1. Sign up for a paid listing and include 3 or more photos in your listing.
2. If, in the first 12 months, our site does not generate leads/inquiries, then we will refund your money according to the following schedule.Less than 10 leads - 100% refund3. For a refund, when we contact you to renew (in the month before your listing expires), request a refund. We'll verify how many leads/inquires we provided, then we’ll refund your money according to the above schedule.

Note: Inquiries come as emails with the 'from' being the requesting party's email address. Be sure your email spam control does not restrict you from receiving these emails/inquiries. For purpose of this policy, we consider an email sent to be an email received.

Why a money back guarantee?
  • We believe that property owners are willing to pay for results but it is sometimes difficult to determine which rental-property web sites will provide leads for them and which sites will just collect money but not provide leads.
  • We believe it is our job to provide our clients with leads (inquiries) and it is our clients' responsibility to turn those leads into rentals.
  • We believe that, if our leads result in 1 or more rentals per year, then a CondoRentHelp.com listing pays for itself.
  • Therefore, to help convince new clients to sign up for a paid listing, we provide a “New Client” Money Back Guarantee.

  • We guarantee that we will generate leads for you or we'll refund your money.

    1. This offer is NOT valid for listings which do not have at least 3 or more photos, are only available to rent less than 9 months of the year, can not be rented on a short term (weekly/daily) basis or do not provide an email link from our site (only provide contact thru phone # or personal website).
    2. The purpose of this offer is to convince NEW clients to try our service, therefore, this offer is NOT valid if you, a family member or business associate has used our service in the past, extends this listing or signs up for a second listing because we believe these situations demonstrate you were convinced our site was worth the money.

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